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Our Farm to Your Table

With nothing in between...

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Our All Natural Process

We pride ourselves in providing a product the old fashioned way - the right way. Our turkeys are raised directly on our farm, allowing us to personally oversee and maintain their entire life cycle. If you've ordered from us before, you know our guarantee - 100% natural, farm raised turkey.


While all foods should have this guaranteed freshness, we pride ourselves in knowing we are providing our customers with nothing but natural products.

A 100% Natural Lifecyle

  • Our turkeys are raised in an open, climate controlled atmosphere allowing natural growth

  • Our turkeys are given all natural, non-GMO corn and grain grown directly on our farm

  • Our turkeys receive zero hormones, antibiotics or artificial growth enhancers 

  • We personally process our turkeys directly on the farm 

  • While processing, each and every turkey is USDA state inspected and certified

  • After processing, we package our turkeys with no artificial preserves, additives or injections

  • While the majority of our turkeys are sold fresh, a portion are hickory smoked and frozen


Visit Our Store

While walk-ins are always welcome, we encourage you to reserve your fresh products ahead of time.  Every Yordy Turkey comes with complete baking instructions, family seasoning and a pop-up timer to make your holiday cooking as effortless as possible.


If you have any questions, please contact us --we will be happy to help you find exactly what you need. For large quantity orders or gift certificates, please call us for additional information. 

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